Welcome to Pajarito Powder!


Pajarito Powder, LLC (PPC) is a venture-backed company founded with the mission of being the world's first commercial manufacturer of drop-in replacement non-platinum fuel cell catalysts. Existing catalysts are made with platinum, an exorbitantly expensive substance with a turbulent and precarious supply chain. Working with some of the world's leading catalyst research facilities, PPC delivers catalysts made of widely available and inexpensive materials with the performance and durability needed for today's applications.

The use of platinum in fuel cell catalysts, at over $1,600 per ounce, creates a cost structure that is preventing the widespread adoption of this zero-carbon technology. Further, the supply of platinum is controlled by a very few entities and countries, and marked by violence and source interruptions. As much as 40% of the cost of fuel cell stack is the platinum-based catalyst. This is a cost that cannot be reduced by larger volume production, where the remainder of the stack's cost can be reduced through manufacturing efficiencies and scale. The elimination of platinum in catalysts, therefore, is the key to unleashing a large commercial industry.

PPC is currently sampling to select customers and is accepting commercial orders. The company constructed a plant that began pilot runs in 2013 and is currently ready for commercial-scale production. Our initial focus is on today's applications: stationary backup power, especially for cell phone towers; materials handling, including forklifts and hand trucks; and portable power, including APUs and battery recharging stations. PPC is also engaging in long-term relationships with automotive suppliers to prepare for the emergence of that significant market.