Affordable Fuel Cell Catalysts – A reality within reach

PPC’s products include precious-metal free catalysts and ultra low load platinum catalysts supports. In addition, PPC will design and develop custom catalysts as well as provide contract manufacturing services.

All of PPC’s offerings demonstrate high stability and durability.


PPC’s core product offering, the NPC-2000 is a high-performance, non-PGM, drop-in fuel cell catalyst.

Suitable applications for the NPC-2000:

  • stationary (including CHP)
  • backup
  • material handling


A variant of PPC’s core offering, the NPC-2000X product line provides similar performance for customers who require catalyst formations that are free of particular transition elements, such as iron.

Suitable applications for the NPC-2000X:

  • stationary (including CHP)
  • backup
  • material handling


The NPC-1000 represents a lower performance, high value catalyst option for clients with lower power density requirements.

Suitable applications for the NPC-1000:

  • consumer disposable applications
  • biofuel cells


Available for preliminary testing, the PHC-3000 offers up a catalyst support for ultra low loaded platinum catalysts for clients with higher performance requirements.

Suitable applications for the PHC-3000:

  • motive applications
  • other high-power density needs

More detailed technical information on each of PPC’s line of catalysts and catalyst supports can be found by downloading the company’s product data sheet from our Resources page.

Custom Catalyst Design

PPC knows that specific requirements mandate variations in fuel cell catalysts. Our team will design, develop and manufacture a catalyst highly customized to the needs of a wide variety of client applications.

Contract Manufacturing

PPC also provides contract manufacturing for fuel cell catalysts, using custom client designs.

PPC is currently accepting sample-level and commercial-level orders sampling to select customers and is accepting commercial orders. For more information, contact us at