Brochures and Corporate Data Sheets

PPC Corporate Brochure – March 2016

PPC Product Datasheet – April 2016 (English)

PPC 製品データシートの2016年3月

Media Resources

Image – Fuel Cell Stack – Where Pajarito Powder fits in

Technical Presentations and Publications

Presentation to 2016 Hannover Messe – April, 2016 (Dr. Alia Lubers) and slide presentation.

Presentation to 2016 Hannover Messe – April, 2016 (CEO Thomas J. Stephenson)

Presentation to 2015 Hannover Messe – April, 2015 (CTO Dr. Barr Halevi)

Presentation to 2014 FC Seminar, Los Angeles – November, 2014 (Dr. Alexey Serov)

Presentation to 2014 World of Energy Solutions, Stuttgart – October, 2014 (Dr. Barr Halevi)

Presentation to 2014 Electrochemical Society meeting, Cancun – October, 2014 (Nathaniel Leonard, MSU)

Presentation to Department of Energy Catalyst Working Group, 2014 Annual Merit Review – June, 2014 (Dr. Barr Halevi & Thomas Stephenson)

Other Links of Interest

Department of Energy Annual Merit Review

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association

Fuel Cell Team – Los Alamos National Laboratory

Northeastern University Laboratory for Electro-chemical Advanced Power

Scott Calabrese Barton Research Group – Michigan State University

University of New Mexico Center for Energetic Materials

University of New Mexico for Micro-Engineered Materials